Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tony Snow, R.I.P.

I was profoundly saddened, by not entirely surprised, by the news this morning of Tony Snow's death. I never met him, but I loved this man. I heard him first as a substitute for Rush Limbaugh and found him charming and affable. Then, when I could finally put a face with the voice, I thought hubba-hubba, this is why they call it Fox News. Grrrraaaaooooo.

But I felt a lot in common with him. He was a philosophy major from a small private liberal arts college, just like me. I recall the epic saga of his home renovation. I loved watching him on Sundays, choosing him over Tim Russert's Meet the Press. The final moments of the show, Tony's little time to give sermon, could become a nice book by themselves. I cheered when President Bush made him press secretary. I took perhaps too much delight when he put Helen Thomas in her place. I know there won't be the outpouring of gushing praise for him like happened with Russert's death. But I didn't cry for Russert. I do for Tony. Please read the graduation address he gave just over a year ago.

Rest in peace, Mr. Snow.


Meade said...

Thank you. A touchingly humane tribute. Well-done.

Golden West said...

Couldn't agree more...A good and decent man who brought a much needed civility to political discourse. He will be greatly missed. RIP

Troy said...

I got a bit misty myself. I never identified with Russert -- though I liked him too. I always liked Snow and identified more with him. I also have a philosophy degree from a small private liberal arts college (does that explain the need for an advanced degree?) and I admired the way he expressed his faith. Snow was regular Sunday viewing (or recording if he was on during church) and then Saturday viewing. He gave great press conferences.

AJ Lynch said...

Snow made me feel like I knew him too Ruth Ann. He had a nice way about him but was sharp as a tck too.

I read his obit today and was surprised he was a philospphy major, played six musical instruments and was in a cover / rock band.

Thanks for the link to his commencement address.

vbspurs said...

Thanks for blogging about this, Ruth Anne. I'm sure (in part, due to some mean-spirited complaints by viewers that cable news went way overboard with saturated Russert coverage) that the news outlets will not cover his passing in quite the same way.

I was stunned for Russert. But like you, I will truly mourn for Snow.

Hopefully, since he was recently the Presidential Press Secretary, the White House might give him more official obsequies.


Paula said...

I've spent the morning crying for a man I never met because of how profoundly he touched my life with his words and his spirit. The world is a poorer, meaner place without Tony Snow. And that's a tragedy.

paul a'barge said...

I miss him already, and my trials and tribulations seem petty next to those of his family.

Go with G-d, Mr Snow. You are rocking in his all-loving arms, and I am jealous.

Mark Daniels said...

Ruth Anne:
Snow was a high school classmate of a parishioner from my former congregation in Cincinnati. Sadly, Diane died over four years ago. She had remembered Snow with fondness from their high school days. So, whenever I heard Snow, the happy warrior mixing it up, I couldn't help but thinking of him in that context.

I feel that our national life would be better for knowing one another more in context, reminding us all of our common humanity.

Mark Daniels