Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ann Althouse!

One of my favorite bloggers, and my favorite prof-blogger, is having a birthday tomorrow. What do you get the blogger who has everything? Links! Here's my favorite post of hers from recent memory. It was her photos and title that got me thinking of my old Army days. The conversation in the comments was lively and went in a direction even she probably didn't anticipate.

Many happy returns, Professor Althouse!

UPDATE: The good professor links to this, and insulting upwards takes a nice turn. Those of you with blogs, don't forget to link to your favorite Althouse post[s] on your blog. This includes you, Glenn Reynolds!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Instapundit succumbs to my powerful suggestion.


Simon said...

I'll join in. :)

vnjagvet said...

Me too.

It's good to see the JAG Corps well represented on Althouse. When was your tour? Mine was 1966-1970.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Mine was 1988-1991, Benning and Bragg. Best thing ever issued me by the Army: my Infantry officer husband.

Blake said...


peter hoh said...

If I could recall my favorite Althouse post, I'd write about it. Too much going on for more than a cursory search, though.

I recall writing a comment once about a post being deliciously bloggy. It went from point G to point X to point M and then meandered until it became clear that everything was connected in an odd little way.