Tuesday, November 01, 2005

When (My) Worlds Collide

Today, while waiting on hold to speak with Michael Medved about the religious implications to Alito's nomination, he mentioned an article written by Ann Althouse in the New York Times Op-Ed. He described her as "liberal" law professor. As a faithful visitor of the Althouse blog, I know that she wouldn't describer herself thusly. After the commercial break, I told Michael I was her student [20 years ago, like that would matter] and that I believe she would characterize herself as a moderate. Proof? She voted for Bush last go-round. Medved conceded the point with his classic, "fair enough."

We went on to discuss the role, if any, Alito's religion had in his selection by Bush or in the potential challenges he would face because of it. If approved by the Senate, he will be the 5th Catholic to currently sit on the court, a first ever that the Catholics would be in the majority on the high court. Michael asked if that would bother me. I replied, "as a Catholic, I'd have to say 'no'." End of my call.

To close the loop, I searched an appropriate post at Althouse to mention the call and found that some liberals had called her a "conservative" because of the same Op-Ed, and then, committed a cardinal sin....FAILED TO LINK! Another Althouse commenter and blogger in his own right at Poliblogger held up the bloggy mirror. And now we have a glimpse at infinity.


Steven Taylor said...

It's a small internet, after all.

Kathie Brinkman said...

Wow! You were quoted on Althouse--she has had over a million hits on her webpage. You are the over achiever still aren't you.